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Marcus was able to help at short notice when both a new pc and it’s backup drive failed late one Friday evening. The pc was fixed by Marcus running some disc analysis and checking routines, which gave enough recovery to fully restore the pc using master disc’s to replace lost and corrupted files. With the faulty backup drive, Marcus was able to get to the data and fully recover it from the failed hard drive, which meant we didn’t lose precious films and photo’s.
I also learnt some good tips during the restore and was able to put these to good use when setting up backups for other pc’s in the house.
I can thoroughly recommend Marcus for his first rate support skills and abilities, coupled with a truly expert knowledge, great advice and wonderful warmth and professionalism. He is our first call if we encounter any future problems!
Steve Bennett
My home PC was severely malfunctioning with viruses ,I had attempted to rectify the problem with various self help forums via a working laptop,I just got myself deeper in the mire and needed professional help.In the past I have had various PC engineers that were high maintenance themselves !Marcus however was skilled and proficient ,did a great job at a reasonable price I would certainly call on his services again and would throughly recommend him.
Michael Forde
3rdeye Associates
is a consulting business and is heavily dependent on their IT infrastructure. "We need the very best advice but we can't afford to retain our own IT expert so we use PC-TLC.COM Computers Services to keep our PCs and network efficient, safe and secure. We get the best of both worlds - the sort of expertise that normally only big companies can manage, but at an affordable price".
Andy Blanche                                                                                                                
Owner, 3rdeye Associates
(why not contact Andy for a reference andy@3rdeye.biz
Kathy Lynch
Well, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the service provided by PC-TLC. Impressed by Marcus's prompt time arrival. I had been looking for someone to attend to my PC and 'phoned several companies. I then saw the website of PC-TLC which gave lots of information on price and assistance. Will definitely recommend this company to friends and will, of course, use them again.
To whom it may concern
This reference is written in a personal capacity
I have known Marcus for seven years whilst he was working in Barclays Treasury managing the IT operations for the team, as well as for Barclays Tax.
Marcus is an extremely helpful and proactive individual, he works hard to deliver a solution to a problem and more importantly you only have to ask for the fix once and it is worked on. No issue was to much for Marcus to deal with and I was always very impressed.
I am more than happy to be contacted to discuss any questions you have.
Ross Aucutt
Head of Capital Planning
I have known Marcus for over five years whilst working together at Barclays Bank PLC.
Marcus was the Senior IT Operations Manager assigned to our business area and along with other divisions was responsible for managing the IT needs of in excess of 100 staff.
I have always found Marcus to be original and creative in his approach to an issue.  The diversity of the systems and problems he had to encounter on a daily basis meant he had to keep abreast of new developments along with discussing and understanding the clients needs and concerns.  Marcus was forever demonstrating his technical and analytical abilities and I am always inspired by the depth and breadth of his knowledge.
Marcus distinguished himself with the suggesting and implementation of a new Intranet Site for our Department.  A clear understanding of the end users requirements through effective communication ensured that the site was built efficiently, in a timely manner and most importantly, user friendly.
Marcus is never content with the status quo.  At his own suggestion he contacted bespoke system users to propose migrating them onto a generic platform gaining synergies from a single help desk and cost savings as result of relinquishing licence fees.
Marcus has a pleasant demeanour, easily approachable and a positive attitude.  On every occasion I had to contact Marcus for help or advice I always got 100% attention and a speedy resolution with minimal disruption thus contributing to the goals of the Department and the Company overall.
Yours truly,
Linda J Lee (Mrs) ATT, ACIB
Tax Manager
I confirm that I worked with Marcus Welch for approximately one year at Barclay Bank plc.
 I am a Personal Assistant to a large team and resolve all IT matters for them.  I have therefore worked with Marcus on a variety of issues and have always found him approachable and extremely helpful.
I worked most closely with Marcus during a complex IT project which entailed migrating 25 users from one IT infrastructure to another.  Throughout the project Marcus was reliable and assiduous.  His attitude was proactive and he gave conscious consideration to every problem/request that I approached him with.  A admirable quality of Marcus is that he always took ownership of the problem and produced results. 
It was a pleasure working with Marcus and I gladly recommend him.
I'm happy to provide further information if required.
Yours faithfully
Amanda Wheatley
PA to GRCB Tax
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